folded Outdoor Map of Oulanka National Park and its trails in scale , The Karhunkierros Trail Hiking Guide & Map. Karhunkierros Retkeilyopas & kartta. SAVILAMPI. KANJONIN KURKKAUS 6 KM. KARHUNKIERROS. KARHUNKIERROS. KARHUNKIERROS. VASAOJA. RUPAKIVI. 2,4 km. 1,0 km. 0 ,6 km. 1,6 km. Ruka-Kuusamon kartta, Pohjois-Eurooppa, Ruka, Kuusamo, Lappi, Suomi Airport Bus and Karhunkierros Bus is located near Pitäjän Pirtti and Stefan’s.

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Map is sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores. National Land Survey of Finland Ruka and Kuusamo on the map. Now I have a few questions that hopefully some of the regulars here can answer.

Karhunkierros Trail Directions and Maps

Salla Address and recreation map, 1: The first one is good, but it is in Finnish. Buy your skipass online and save money.

This store is based in Finland, therefore within the EU e-commerce. After less than a kilometre, there is a parking kartra on the left. Ruka village consists of: The Karhunkierros Trail How to? Campfire spots are clearly marked.

Part of the trail is also suitable for canoeing. Additional information request Feedback Other. How can I arrange transportation back from the end of the trail? I am not moving here, but I really would love to hike the The Karhunkierros Trail.


Karhunkierros Trail Directions and Maps –

Labor Day at Ruka 4 days, Sun Karhunkierros Trail, water resistant map, 1: Oulanka Visitor Centre, along the route and Oulankajoki River, makes another starting point. Where can I get maps of Oulanka National Park and the trail itself? Continue for 13 km, and you will see the visitor centre just before the Oulankajoki bridge.

Underground car park for cars.

All shipping times are estimated times of dispatch. Maps are sold by Karttakeskus. Additional information request Feedback Other Message: And now the first one isn’t working katta my computer: Continue along Urriaavantie for 4 km and turn right.

There are signs directing visitors to the Karhunkierros Trail when coming from either direction. About Mapshop How to buy Delivery terms Privacy statement. We recommend taking a tent along during the busiest summer season June-Augustjust in case. Included with the guide is a separate, complete outdoor map that covers the Karhunkierros Trail and the other trails as well as the whole Oulanka National Park and the Ruka Fell area.

The outdoor map Ruka Oulanka Karhunkierros 1: Online and paper versions of Ruka-Kuusamo maps! Parts of the trail also have wooden pathways called duckboards “pitkospuu” in Finnish to make it easier to walk the rough terrain, as well as preserving the vulnerable nature.


Spring Break 3 days, Thu The distance to the camping ground is about m. The map is sold by Oulanka Visitor Centre. We are unfortunately unable to estimate all global delivery times. And you may be getting the “Into the Wild” feel because I’ll be in college during this trip.

I am glad I found this website because I have a few questions about a trip I am planning to Finland in a year or so. The most popular day hike trails are described also in a more detailed scale of 1: The double-sided map covers the most beautiful trekking areas of Kuusamo. During summer there are special destination taxi’s from Kuusamo and Ruka for a smaller fare than in general. Please Karhunkierros, vedenkestv kartta, 1: Plans were initiated already back in with the Ruka Master Plan.

Board index All times are UTC. Anywhere else I can find a good map so I can just get a feel for where I’m going to be hiking? The landscape of the Kuusamo region is unique in all of Finland. And Mike D you are a lifesaver.