Dark Sun is an original Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting set in the fictional , The Dark Sun adventure entitled Bloodsand Arena was held on June 19 for Free RPG Day. The second season of D&D Encounters (featuring weekly. This Dungeons & Dragons adventure folio, created for Free RPG Day , previews the Dark Sun setting, available in August Bloodsand Arena is. I hope, I didn’t miss a thread for this topic (no community supporter, no search). I finally got my copy of bloodsand arena and I am really looking.

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If you have any questions, please ask prior to making your purchase. Crazy rain, but enough, we were late, and in a rush to get started, but at the same time damn I wanted to check out the free stuff!

Either way, it’s a good way to spice things up near the end. Egotistical, isolationist refugees from the dying Lands Within Winds attempting to save what remains of their decaying homeland.

This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat He said using magic really is severe. Saturday, 15th January, Wielding a Bohemian Ear Spoon Being a catalogue of errors from inspiration to aftermath. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Only a single dragon exists in all of Athas, a monstrosity whose appearance heralds disasters of catastrophic proportions.

I like to have descriptions prepared, or at least visualized prior to jumping into a challenge. The age came to an end by accident. As classes changed in subsequent editions these were also reconciled with the setting. Following prophesied signs, Dregoth takes to the surface and makes his bid for true divinity.


Taking a look at the PCs for the adventure, the shaman primal spellcaster and battlemind psionic have powers that deal normal or psychic damage, nothing else. Genasi, or half-elementals, are the rare offspring of humans and elementals living in the wastes on the Isle of the Sea of Silt. They revere nature and hate sorcerer-kings and defilers.

D&D 4e Dark Sun Adventure Bloodsand Arena no map Dungeons Dragons

They excel at psionics and abhor arcane magic. At the point the source material lays out for play the beginning of the Age of Heroes when the sorcerer-king’s dakr on the Tyr Region has recently been challenged with the assassination of Kalak of Tyr in a slave rebellion led by Zrena, Agis, Neeva, Tithian, and Sadira. Four players waiting, and two with me, there was little time wasted, and even before my bag was all the way unpacked, we had all picked out characters and were getting things started.

That should be okay.

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In 4th edition any arcane caster was ostensibly available if the dungeon master allowed it. Seeing defiling magic automatically makes all npcs hostile toward that person.

The lone raider is then struck down by the bard. Therefore the second combat took place without an extended rest. Half-elves are the offspring of humans and elves. Similar to the races, Dark Sun’s character classes were largely consistent with the classes of the core game rules, but with some changes to bring them in line with the game’s unique themes. Weirdly, the adventure didnt contain a map for this introductory encounter, but I happened to have a new set of Deserts of Athas dungeon tiles imagine blooesand, product tie-in so we were good to go cuz it gave me a chance to use them.


Additionally, the Order is a secret psionic organization composed of supremely powerful psions 21st level and above that sees itself as the secret monitors of psionic balance on Athas.

Bloodsand Arena Dungeons & Dragons 4e

I had the exact same questions! The slave minions have two things that set them apart.

Retrieved May 31, Dqrk takes control of Draj and begins to demand regular blood sacrifices in his temples. The fourth edition setting presents a much abridged and somewhat different backstory that alludes to the original metaplot but doesn’t explicitly reference it. We also play together with friends on Friday nights, where my wife plays the mysterious fey Poppy the Angry, and my son hacks his way through all obstacles as Thokk the Half-orc barbarian.

The bloodsanv fantasy races and character classes were altered or omitted to better suit the setting’s darker themes.

I was very involved in the development process. Archived from the original on April 14,