Documents Similar To Balaure Marketing. Balaure – Marketing. Uploaded by. iulia – andreea · Balaure Marketing. Uploaded by. Dragoș Porumb · 2. C-âtoiu, I. References Armstrong, G., Kotler, P.: Marketing. An Introduction, 12th edn. Pearson Education, Inc, New Jersey () Balaure, V., C ̆atoiu, I., Veghes. Public and Nonprofit Marketing: Proceedings Lucica Matei, José Luis Vázquez- Burguete Balaure, V. et al. (), Marketing, ediţia a II-a, Uranus, Bucureşti 2.

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Consequently, management instruments are employed to effectively evaluate the success of a campaign. In addition, it may also be applied to Dilemmas and to Dogs.

Balaure-Marketing | Andrea Andreea –

The basic instruments of external communication for sending messages are the following marketinb 2 ]:. Briefly, marketing should be used as a complement of the management activities. In most cases, communication has the following main objectives: Nonetheless, when a health care organization wants to communicate with its consumers, this may happen on two strategic directions [ 9 ]:.

It balaurf specific to Dilemmas, as they become Stars. Received Jan 24; Accepted Apr The BCG model is fundamentally built on the relative market share and market growth rate matrix.

The health care communication strategy of an organization with its marketing environment is an important condition in surviving and assessing the desired outcomes. Still, the classic management functions as described by the scientific literature can also be added to the above-mentioned functions [ 3 ]:. The sale force of a health care organization consists of the employees who deliver medical services and other requested information to consumers, partners, and competitive units.


The sale promotion takes place when free promotional objects such as calendars, address books, pens, and even free consultations are being offered, with the purpose of growing the reputation of the health care organization.

Textbook for students Bucharest: Management marketing characteristics and management marketing functions.

Journal List J Med Life v. The main objectives of the external communication strategies are the following [ 2 ]:. Over time, marketing specialists struggled to measure the efficiency of communication campaigns, but they have concluded that the evaluation process is constantly changing.

Therefore, four strategies can be employed as it follows Fig. Please review our privacy policy.

Marketing. Editia a II-a revazuta si adaugita (Virgil Balaure)

Table 2 Example of Gantt Diagram. Even if there is reluctance in employing the management instruments to measure the efficiency of external marketing communication at an empirical level, the implementation process of campaigns is a suitable supportive environment for their application.

This type of strategy seeks to maintain the position gained on the market. Press Publishing House; Principiile marketingului The principles of marketing Bucharest: Bacali L, Bojan I.

This article has been cited by other articles in Marketjng. Management marketing characteristics and management marketing functions Management marketing consists of a wide range of activities, such as analysis, planning, implementation, and control, which mainly focus on the creation, promotion, and outcome assessment, to satisfy the desired objectives of a health care organization [ 1 ].


The promotion policy aims to disseminate information about the activities and services of the health care organization at an extensive level, as well as monitor the perceptions of the targeted populations. Luca GP, Verzea I. An efficient communication is reflected in the development of a system of relations, which encompass the consumer expectations and the long-term interests of the medical unit.

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In order to become known and attract consumers, a health care organization has to develop suitable external communication campaigns.

Marketing. Editia a II-a revazuta si adaugita (Virgil Balaure) | PDF Flipbook

Currently, it was concluded that communication contributes marketkng to the management of marjeting process, covering not only the pre-buying phase but also the buying phase per se [ 9 ].

As such, internal communication is performed between departments or depending on the hierarchic position mmarketing the organization.

Each communication activity of a health care organization is represented in a circle-like figure. Abstract In order to become known and attract consumers, a health care organization has to develop suitable external communication campaigns. Health care Marketing Bucharest: Therefore, the following instruments offer the possibility to measure the efficiency of an external communication campaign in a health care organization [ 8 ]:. A graphic representation of the activities can be achieved at all levels with the help of the Gantt Diagram.

In the absence of scientific methods, the Romanian organizations have higher risks of coming across many issues, as for example [ 7 ]:.

Uranus Publishing House;