Posted by seb in SWF Studio V2 on Jan 05 , am. Hi, Ive used this code to make flash open a folder (in windows explorer) and it all works fine when viewed from flash player: fscommand(“e, “”); You can add. Opening the file causes your movie to play in its own application window (the Flash player/Projector window). The fscommand() function can be used in your. In this post I want to share who we can open the psf file in separate window as the action script in our flash save it inside /fscommand folder.

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The parameter is the filename of the application to open. Nothing happens when i click the button. This feature fzcommand you to do tasks such as open alert boxes, resize the browser, and other JavaScript activities.

Open folder on HDD using actionscript

Creating and Manipulating Data. Let’s look at a simple example.

It would not running opn in swf movie file. SWF Studio Northcode www. Reacting to Multiple Conditions. Also, do you test it in Flash or in browser?

A projector file typically contains your movie as well as the Flash player. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these actionacript.


Using Event Handler Methods. I’ve heard there are plugins that can do this, can you help me with that? I have a question: Click Here to join Tek-Tips and talk with other members! Book Description Powerful development and design tools require thorough and authoritative technical advice and documentation.

Using fscommand “fullscreen”,”true” and loadMovie No, its a. I am using Flash CS5 on macintosh. This is my Action in the button.

Using the Drawing Methods. When it comes to Macromedia Flash, no one is more authoritative than Macromedia Development and writing teams. Any other suggestions will be very helpful. Reacting to Fscommand Loaded MP3s. Opwn Sound with ActionScript. I’ll be trying that. This was very helpful and saved me a lot of trouble! If falsethe player window is still resizable, but the movie playing inside it remains at its original size.

This command determines what happens if the user resizes the projector window while your movie is playing.

Using fscommand(“fullscreen”,”true”) and loadMovie – Adobe: Flash – Tek-Tips

Does not work how? The Use of Time in Flash. OpenDocument is actually a pretty generic call, it can open a document, send and email, open a web browser and also open a folder, just pass it the path to the folder you want to open and it will opne in the Windows Explorer Win or Finder Mac.

Close this window and log in. Ren January 31, at If falsecertain key events such as accelerator keypresses are not sent. I can’t get it. A simpler option might be to use a flash application builder like mProjector, it adds an openDocument command along with many others into Flash.


This command forces the standalone player to play at full screen if true or at the defined movie size if false.

I tried your code, but it didn’t do anything at all. Heather Cheek January 11, at Can you use this method multiple times in a single application? This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear.

Working with Text Fields. Macromedia Training from the Source.

I am also trying to have my movie be shown full screen. Creating Interaction with ActionScript About events and fscommaand Controlling SWF file playback Jumping to a frame or scene Playing and stopping movie clips Jumping to a different URL Creating interactivity and visual effects Creating a custom mouse pointer Getting the pointer position Capturing keypresses Setting color values Creating sound controls Detecting collisions Creating a simple line drawing tool Creating runtime data bindings using ActionScript Creating bindings between UI components using ActionScript Using components, bindings, and custom formatters Formatting data using the CustomFormatter class Adding and binding components on the Stage Deconstructing a sample script Finding and Fixing Run-Time Bugs.

ArticlesTip and Tutor fscommmand Comments.